Monday, January 7, 2013

Reagan's Birthday Treats: Part 2

She picked out cake pops long before that November day when we actually took them to school.  I was surprised that after last year's Frogs, she didn't want to do a green pop this year.  She picked out small ice cream cone pops instead!  I loved them and they were super easy to make.

Thanks to Bakerella and her great cookbook for the inspiration for them!  I did use a pretzel M&M on the top instead of a peanut one, since there is someone with allergies in Reagan's class, but after carefully looking I saw that they are made on the same machines, so this didn't really help me and I ended up leaving some without the "cherry" on top.  I made them even easier since I used the kid sized cones, instead of cutting down regular waffle cones to size.  As you can see, I used my mini-muffin tin to hold them while they dried and the only drawback came when I tried to slide it across the counter and it stuck a bit and then gave way making most of them tip over and causing some to smudge!

The only bad part about these was the lack of weight in the bottom!  The were hard to transport since they didn't have sticks to hold them in a carrier and they were so top heavy they couldn't ride very well standing up.  As you can see I used small tea towels and washrags (all clean) to help brace them in the dishes I took.

Next time I try these I think I will pour some candy melts into the base of the cone to give it some added weight!

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