Monday, January 7, 2013

Fun Day Auction Cake Pops

Last year for Reagan's school fundraiser "Fun Day" I entered 2 custom cake pop items into the silent auction...each of them earning $20.  The first one was won by my parents and my mom requested turkey cake pops for Thanksgiving.

I haven't made these for awhile because they are a true labor of love!  The pops themselves aren't bad at all, but the detailing of the faces and the addition of the feathers on the back are tiring.  The legs are broken stick pretzels, the faces are made out of brown pretzel M&Ms with mini colored "kisses" for the eyes and gobble, and then candy corn for the feathers, which are held on by more chocolate almond bark.

I did a better job of them this time, than the first time and was happy with how they turned out.  Mom liked them too as did the kiddos so all was well!

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