Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cinco de Mayo pops

I had some cake just lying around so I decided to try to make some chili pepper cake pops in honor of Cinco de Mayo.  They turned out really cute, but I think next time I will choose to coat them differently.
I started after I shaped them (using my mini cookie cutters from Pampered Chef) I dipped them into the lime green color on the tops by hand.  After they rested and firmed up I dipped them into the red melts and added the stick to them.  I think in the future I will just dip the entire pop with the stick in the red candy melts and then I will go back and redip the tops in a green color.  If I had had easy access to a darker green I would have just used that, but I was using the lime green for another pop project so I added the green sanding sugar to give them some pizzazz and also to darken the color up.  They turned out great and I am so glad I made them, but have learned a little something for next time too! in my book!

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