Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Costumes

I just finished the main sewing of my Larry Cucumber and Bob Tomato costumes.  I have to get the kids to try them on so I can 1. get a picture and 2. get the faces attached in the right areas.  I bought some red and green felt and I had some scraps of black and white self stick felt (this is stiff) that used for the face details.  All of the work is just free handed so there are plenty of imperfections, but I think they make them just perfect.  I used some E-6000 crafting glue to glue the noses and reinforce the self sticking of the faces.  Here is what they look like so far!
And here is the final product (minus the greenery for the top of the tomato).  Was able to get the face parts on so that (hopefully) the kids will be able to sit while wearing them without the stiff felt coming loose or getting in the way.

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