Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Reagan's birthday cake

For her 6th birthday Reagan wanted a Barbie birthday party so I decided to make a Barbie cake.  She of course wanted Barbie in a green dress, but since this was my first time to use fondant, everything ended up being white LOL.  I used a recipe for fondant that calls for using marshmallows, water, and powdered sugar which makes it taste super yummy!  It took a LOT longer to get it mixed than I would have expected so I didn't have enough time to perfect my skills or try to color it.  There are 3 holes just below her belt and that is because I tried to put some picks in there so Barbie could hold up the little birthday cake on a tray in front of herself, but it ended up being too heavy so the little cake made it way onto the cake in front of her.

The cake looked ok, if you didn't look at it with Kerry Vincent (judge for food network cake challenges) eyes, but there is a lot that could have been done to make it look better.  I think next time I will plan to try to find some store made fondant and see how it works with rolling it out and working with it.  I also think that if I hadn't been trying to mold something in 3D it would have been more successful :)

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